Thursday, January 28, 2010

Egon Sheile

Sich Aufstützende Blonde Nackte mit Dunklen Strümpfen,' by Egon Schiele

For me the first time I saw Egon Sheile's work I was at the MIA for an art history class our assignment was to find a piece of work and write about it. I walked into the room that held His portrait of Albert Paris Von Gutersloh and I was immediately drawn to it. I stood and looked at it for a long while in awe. This is when I fell in love with him.

This particular piece by Sheile is just something I ran across in trying to find a piece. I picked it because I love the lines and contours of the arms and the face, the tilt of the head, the red of the lips, the flow of the yellow hair.

It was so hard to choose just one piece and had I done this last night or even five minutes later I would have changed my mind because I like them all so much. Some of them make me feel like I am peering in on an intimate moment that Sheile is portraying. The honesty that is held in his work is so alarming as well as alluring. I can't help looking at it no matter how grotesque it may be and I like it which could be the strangest part. Ah, his lines they are so beautiful (I am such a sucker for good lines). The color so minimal vibrant and uneven. The women and men he draws are never perfect and he concentrates on their sexuality in such a bold manner.


  1. Very good combination between your personal reaction and the artists itself. YOu wrote it in a manner that feels more along the lines of "this is why this artists is respectable" rather than "because i like it". You gave us the why.
    Still thinking of other drawing artists... working through the list in my head.
    good work.

  2. Totally understand the feeling of loving an artist but not knowing how to choose between them! And I love the idea of choosing based purely on the moment, because it gives such an emotional read to the choice.