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Possible artists for my artists book

These are artists I am considering for my book, any suggestions would be appreciated though!

* Frank Gehry

*George Segal

*Alexander Calder

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



(1001 free fonts)

I chose this font because of it’s handwritten feel to it. I do a lot of writing in my free time so I wanted to find a font that sort of represents that. I value hand written texts over anything typed because it gives a more personal feel to it. You can get the sense of someone’s personality through their handwriting. This particular font kind of reminds me of how horrible my handwriting can be at times and how I wish it could look more neat and fluid like this.


Orbitz commercials completed took over television for a long period of time and by far this particular one is definitely my favorite. I love the silly creative words they used to replaced swear words and the quite odd characters that are in the commercial.

SuperMedia uses the idea of super heroes to guarantee people who use their directory service that they’re getting the best. The good guy will stand out amongst the rest. The simple “happy” music playing in the background caught my attention at first, but I also loved the correlation between the “super” mechanic and the musician in his band uniform.


I chose my camera as my personal object because of the creativity it provides for me. I’ve been wanting a Nikon DSLR ever since I took an interest in photography and it definitely took me a while to save up for one. The wait and money was well worth it; I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of images with this camera. It’s been part way across the United States with me and back and it’s still in one piece. It’s a bit heavier than what I would like, and I’m deathly afraid of dropping it but the functionality and images I can get out of it is amazing.

Monday, March 29, 2010


It took me awhile to figure out a item that gets better with use for me. My camera I received my sophomore year in high school has been through a lot with me. Even though many people wouldn't know about my interest in photography it is something I really enjoy. Even though there are more hi tech models of this Canon I feel like each year as it gets more and more worn down it feels more like its mine and fits perfectly in my hands.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bio-mimicry as a source for great Design

I think I have the sound embedded - but if not here's the link

Mid-morning on MPR described him as:
"A radical architect has ideas on promoting environmentalism in cities with stackable cars and homes built into trees. He also says "sustainable" is not a good enough word to describe his goals for buildings.

* Mitchell Joachim: is an architect and Co-Founder at Terreform ONE (is a non-profit design group that promotes green design in cities) and Terrefuge (Ecological Design Group for Urban Infrastructure, Building, Planning, and Art). Currently he is on faculty at Syracuse and the University of Toronto.


* About Joachim
* Green design contest for cities   "  

*all of this was taken from Minnesota Public Radio's website and is not my own.

I just wanted to share

I already did 2 commercials but I had to post this one as well just to share!

This ad works for me personally by using its humor, the way that they used words you would have never thought about as being used in a dirty way and used them! But I think this ad also works for people from the generation before us as well. The age of the actors is more relatable to people a little older and the style of the commercial
is more aimed at helping that generation remember a certain time in their lives.

Commercial: Chocolate Phone (Korea)

Ads in foreign languages show their effectiveness, because even when the viewer isn't participating in the language communication aspect, the visual and audio impart can still catch your brain on loop. This video was recently passed along to me through a friend. After watching it, the song will be stuck in your head for at least a week.

Korean commercial for the Chocolate phone.

First video is the actual commercial. Second video is the full music video.

Product Use: Smartwool

Smartwool is an absolute essential in any life - for any age, style, or gender. There is a reason it's one of the fastest selling products at Bibelot. Employees are more than happy to sing praises of the product to customers that are questioning, but more often than not, it's not even necessary. Anyone who's worn these socks knows exactly their worth.

Smartwool socks are wool socks that keep your feet toasty cozy better than any other wool brand, but have the added benefit of breathability so your feet won't sweat or itch. They can be worn into the fall and spring, when the weather is not quite cold enough for other wool brands, but still chilly enough that the cold can be felt on extremities such as the feet. Arch support keeps them snuggly fit to your foot at all times for a secure, comfortable feel, and they can be found in a wide variety of colors, prints, and heights (from slippers and anklets to knee-highs) for men, women, and kids. Built to last longer than standard socks, Smartwool is also designed to fit the various needs people have for socks to maximize the effectiveness of their use: runners, hikers, active wear, everyday, or just laying around the house, each style is created to support the foot in exactly the way it needs to based on the activities at hand. No one wants socks that have holes worn through them before they've even gone a month. The company, of course, also makes clothing items such as shirts and long underwear, but the socks are truly the best way to go.

The downside: once you get sucked into Smartwool, there's no going back. I bought a pair last fall just to prove to my boyfriend how great they are; he hasn't worn any other socks all winter.

Font Choice: TW Cent MT

Fonts are incredibly varied, as one would expect, based on the purpose of the font within the design, and I have used a huge variety of fonts for numerous projects. But based purely on how a font is applicable in my own life, my font of choice is TW Cent MT. It's simple, clean, neat, stands out in a uniformed manner when used in all lowercase, and lends itself to a perfectly legible logo for my photography. It's sans serif, which adds to the clean and boldly defined strokes and adds contrast again the spots while complimenting the stark whiteness of my website. It is a representation of the precision I want in my photography. Since I started using it for my photo logo, it only seems natural to remain consistent and that it would become the defining font for my own personal use as well.

Product design via personal experience

This is my saddle I am currently riding in, I have had it for over 7 years with many more to come and I love it, it has only become more comfortable with time. This saddle easily adjusts to different leg lengths for when I can bare to share it J with others. The color becomes richer with time and shows the floral pattern off more and more. This is easiest the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned and it has only gotten better over time, some saddle ridden in this long can become ragged and worn but this saddle only shines brighter. The horn is made of rawhide for maximum grip with your hand and it has many loops available to tie things for long rides.

Fonts I Enjoy

I enjoy these fonts because they are similar to things that I like, the old timey cowboy stories and attitude and the darker more romantic side of me as well. The Bleeding Cowboy font brings my mind to all my favorite clothes logos that are more often then not written in that font or one very similar to it. And the Charming font makes me think of some of my favorite darker style movies I enjoy which have creatures or witchcraft in them.

Example for Graphic design blog postings


Some resources

1.  What does it look like?
2.  What does it remind you of?
3.  How does it make you feel?
4.  What Questions does it raise
5.  Conclusions you can draw?

wiki source in case you are having a moment which we all do... "what's a font?"

#2 - Design / Add / or Commercial

Commercial for BMW --  they now do miniature movies to sell the add

1.  What does it look like?
2.  What does it remind you of?
3.  How does it make you feel?
4.  What Questions does it raise
5.  Conclusions you can draw?

#3 - Product Design via personal experience

A well loved object at home -
     Why is this object so beloved to you?  What is so "good" about it?  How long it's last?
How it fits in your hand?  What it gives you - does for you?  Comfort, style, shape, size, color, use, function.... what is the most "well designed" object of yours at home.

or... if you are at a lack for words via love....
1.  What does it look like?
2.  What does it remind you of?
3.  How does it make you feel?
4.  What Questions does it raise
5.  Conclusions you can draw?

Graphic design is everywhere

These were the current commercials I have enjoyed,

The first one is the IKEA commercial

This commercial makes me say the words long with it every time it plays, I can be doing anything but actually watching the TV and hear this commercial and say the words along with it. To me this commercial gives the ideal kitchen for a family with kids, and especially for the mother of the family with twin daughters. It reminds me of when I was a young child in daycare, there was a set of twins that could go from smiling and pleasant to evil and dark in a split second like the girls in this commercial.

The second commercial I picked was also an IKEA commercial

(sorry about the quality, but it was the best video i could find of it)

This commercial does nothing more but makes me laugh! The comparison to your kitchen appliance team to a football team locker room is a great comparison for me and the way that they have laid this commercial out couldn’t have been more funny!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Grade scale for OAD

Letter Grade Percentage  - Abbi’s scale point system.

A+  = 100% + and higher
A    = 99.5% – 94.5%
A-   = 94.4%  – 90.5%
B+  = 90.4% – 86.5%
B    = 86.4% – 82.5%
B-   = 82.4% – 79.5%
C+  = 79.4%  – 75.5%
C    = 75.4% – 72.5%
C-   = 72.4% – 69.5%
D+  = 69.4% – 66.5%
D    = 66.4% – 62.5%
D-   = 62.4% – 59.5%
F    = 59.4% and lower

Since the topics of commercials were brought up...

I thought I'd just use one of my favorite commercials and show how the product's advertising has evolved...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just thought this was neat.

Something reminded me of Miranda July so I went to her website and under the art section was an installation she did in 2008 at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan. I thought it was neat and wanted to share it on the blog.

The Hallway from The Hallway on Vimeo.

If you're at all interested in her other art, writing, film, whatever, here's her site...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mapping Examples



moss graffiti

recommended by design students that live and breathe the stuff

History of design that tells stories

Experience adds

Flash dance adds - the latest craze.... everywhere but MN..

for Beyonce <3

for cell phones - wanna show your friends what just happened... btw - WTF! - you won't believe this

Great sites:

pet insurance... how do you sell it?
like this

MOSS gaffitti!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

visualizing the worst case situation - Design speaks volumes

Calls for Art - here are a few for March

Art Deadlines List - Free March 2010 Email Edition



April 1, 2010 Artwork now being accepted for exhibition with 12
month's gallery representation. Numerous artists have had articles
written in their newspaper(s) and many artists have sold their
work(s). There have been many hundreds of millions of views to date!
Artists are free to sell and exhibit their work in other venues at the
same time. International Online Juried Art Exhibitions: "11th Annual
Faces", DEADLINE: Feb 8, 2010; "11th Annual Judeo-Christian Art",
DEADLINE: Mar 8, 2010; "11th Annual Contemporary Art", DEADLINE: Apr
8, 2010; "11th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media", DEADLINE: May
8, 2010; "11th Annual Landscape", DEADLINE: June 8, 2010; "9th Annual
Summer All Media", DEADLINE: July 8, 2010; "11th Annual Photographic
Processes", DEADLINE: Aug 8, 2010; "11th Annual Abstraction",
DEADLINE: Sept 8, 2010; "11th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography &
Print", DEADLINE: Oct. 8, 2010; "7th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle",
DEADLINE: Nov 8, 2010; "12th Annual All Media", DEADLINE: Dec 8, 2010;
"11th Annual Realism", DEADLINE: Jan 8, 2010 and Jan 8, 2011. For a
prospectus please contact: Upstream People Gallery, 5607 Howard St,
Omaha NE 68106-1257 USA; OR call: 402-991-4741; OR email the gallery
at:; OR download next upcoming show
prospectus at:

April 1, 2010 Shift your art career into high gear - so you can
attract collectors and sell your art! Come hear 11 art career experts
and successfully artists as they give you strategies for getting into
galleries, licensing your art, organizing your life, working with
resistance, selling on social media sites, and "7-days-worthbten my
money's worth!" (C. Morgan, mixed media) To learn more about moving
your career forward in 2010, CLICK HERE >

April 2, 2010 ULTRAVIOLENCE THEMED EXHIBITION This spring Projekt30
will host its second exhibition exploring the topic of violence. Our
first violence exhibition pushed the envelope, consisting of artworks
ranging from horrific to hopeful to hilariously gory. The exhibition
will include 30 artists; invitations will be sent to our potent and
refined mailing list of galleries, collectors, and fellow artists. All
Projekt30 exhibitions are publicly juried, meaning artwork submitted
will be presented online prior to the exhibition so visitors may help
select which artists will graduate to the final 30. Unlike other
juried exhibitions, all participants receive exposure. Publicly
Juried: April 5, 2010 - April 18, 2010. Opens: April 20, 2010. Entry
fee. Prospectus:

International Fine Art Competition opens February 4, 2010. Agora
Gallery is proud to sponsor this exciting event. The competition
offers the selected artists the opportunity to gain invaluable
exposure in the world-renowned Chelsea art community. All visual
artists 18 years of age and older are invited to participate. Awards
valuing a total of $38,000, which include a range of opportunities
valuable to both emerging and established artists will be distributed
as follows, exhibition at our New York art gallery, cash awards,
Internet exposure and publicity in ARTisSpectrum magazine. Juror:
Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim
Museum. Entry fee: $35 for up to 5 images; $5 for each additional
image. For more information visit or email: OR

March 15, 2010 CALL FOR US 18+ WOMEN ARTISTS National Open Small Works
Exhibition, Feb 12 - Mar 9, 2010. Prizes include cash, free
memberships and Solo Show in N.A.W.A. Gallery, NYC. Entry fee: $20 for
3 images ($10 for N.A.W.A. Members & Associates). POSTMARK DEADLINE
FOR ENTRIES: Dec. 30, 2009. POSTMARK DEADLINE: March 15, 2010, for
Spring Professional and Student Membership applications, U.S. Women
18+. POSTMARK DEADLINE for Associate Membership: Dec. 1st, U.S. Women
18+. Send SASE or download all info, prospectus & applications:
National Association of Women Artists, 80 Fifth Av Suite 1405, New
York NY 10011 OR 212-675-1616 OR OR

March 15, 2010 CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition entitled
"elemental spring". In anticipation of Spring and
metamorphosis... Caladan Gallery invites artists to submit works that
reveal the presence of LIGHT and AIR. The light changes, the air
becomes sweet - a breeze works its way through growth and the shoots
of plants - the sun's rays dance on the water and weave through
shadow; All is an interplay of elemental celebration. We are looking
for the visual representation of this transformation. We have been
extremely fortunate to be creating an exciting, diverse, and active
meeting place for artists. We are averaging over 50,000 viewers a
month, and have provided a warm and positive virtual atmosphere since
2003. All mediums except video are eligible. Entry fee $20 for 3
images. For a prospectus please write, call, or go to: Caladan
Gallery, Box 391939, Cambridge MA 02139 OR 617-838-8929 OR

looking for images that insightfully portray the diversity of the
animal kingdom. The exhibition is open to photographers worldwide,
both amateur and professional. With selection for this exhibition,
artists and their work will be seen by an international audience of
collectors, curators, art consultants from around the world. Over
$1400 in awards along with all exhibitors are included in the Center's
online gallery. Entry fee. For more information:

March 20, 2010 CALL TO ARTISTS Announcing a call to artists for "Alpan
International 2010", June 2-26, 2010. Awards include US $1,000 cash to
the "Best of Show", group show at the gallery in June, no commission
on sales and inclusion in the online registry. Juror: Hitomi Iwasaki,
Director of Exhibitions/Curator, Queens Museum of Art in New York
City. Open to artists over 18 years of age working in two and three
dimensions in any media including photography, installation and
video. Fee: $35 for 3 images and $5 for each additional image. For a
prospectus send an SASE or apply online: John Horner, Alpan Gallery, 2
West Carver St, Huntington NY 11743 OR 631-423-4433 OR OR

March 27, 2010 CALL TO SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA ARTISTS Submit artwork
in any medium 2-D or 3-D (except film, video or installation) to
Pacific Art League of Palo Alto for juried show "In The Garden."
Exhibition opens April 2 with a reception as part of Palo Alto First
Friday Artwalk and continues through April 29. Juror: Preston Metcalf,
Curator of Art, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA. Awards: 1st:
$250 + solo show in Corridor Gallery; 2nd: $100; 3rd: $50. Fee: $25
for 2 entries. Hand-deliver actual work on Friday March 26 from 10 am
to 4 pm, or Saturday March 27 from 10 am to 1 pm. For prospectus send
SASE, call, view web, or email: Pacific Art League, 668 Ramona St,
Palo Alto CA 94301-2545 OR 650-321-3891 OR OR

March 31, 2010 DIRECT ART MAGAZINE, VOLUME 17 The Annual International
Competition for publication in Volume 17 of Direct Art Magazine,
Fall/Winter 2010 issue. Direct Art is distributed in the US by COMAG
Marketing Group, the distributors of Art News and Art in America, to
bookstores throughout the US including Barnes and Nobles and
Borders. The competition is open to all artists working in any
media. The twenty two awards include the covers of magazine, feature
articles and full page displays. Print prospectus and entry
information at: OR

What is a motion portrait? Is there such a thing? What distinguishes
motion portraits from biographical films and documentaries?
Portraiture and self-portraiture have fascinating histories in
painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, but what has happened to
the form of the portrait in the digital age? Are contemporary
filmmakers, video artists, animators and programmers pushing the
disciplines of the portrait and self-portrait into motion? Accepting
all artworks which can be screened in video (including film, video,
motion graphics, animation, programming, game interfaces, flip books,
etc.) No entry fee. Please send submissions as .mov data files on DVD,
with current CV/resume and artist statement to: Open Call--Motion
Portraiture and Self-Portraiture, c/o Darren Douglas Floyd AIR, 123
Risley Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853-5801 OR

March 31, 2010 Bam! Pow! Zap!: COMIC ART AND STORYBOARDING Exhibition
Dates: May 21-July 1, 2010. Open to all artists, action, lively
characters and a sequential format have been a longstanding tradition
in the comic arts, whether the work is an original panel of an
unpublished comic work, or art influenced by the look of conscripted
lines and textual dialog. Original works influenced from traditional
or contemporary comics executed in any media will be considered for
the exhibition. Deadline for entries March 31, 2010. Awards - one
$1,000 cash and 4 awards at $250 each. Juror: Lorenzo Lizana. A
maximum of three entries per artist for jury may be submitted with a
non-refundable fee of $35. One slide/jpeg/ per entry or submit a
CD. Use jpeg on PC format only. (Do not use photo shop or other
software to submit.) Applications are available at: Email jpegs to: Complete entry form and mail with fee
to: Foundry Art Centre, 520 North Main Center, St Charles MO 63301 OR

COMPETITION A quarterly, international, juried exhibition of
paintings, drawings and sculptures in any medium. It is open to all
living artists worldwide aged 16 and up. Participation in the Art
Interview Biennale Exhibition and a total of Euros 17,000 in cash may
be awarded each quarter to all winners. First place winners receive up
to Euros 10,000 plus a featured interview in Art Interview Online
Magazine. The competition is run completely over the Internet, which
eliminates the need for you to send slides or arrange for physical
transportation of your artworks. Gain international recognition for
your artwork and be interviewed along with the world's top artists,
curators and gallery owners in Art Interview Online Magazine. Read
more information on the competition and how to enter it at:

April 1, 2010 MAY 2010 EXHIBITION We are currently seeking submissions
for our April 2010 Exhibition. The exhibition will include 30 artists;
invitations will be sent to our potent and refined mailing list of
galleries, collectors, and fellow artists. All Projekt30 exhibitions
are publicly juried, meaning artwork submitted will be presented
online prior to the exhibition so visitors may help select which
artists will graduate to the final 30. Unlike other juried
exhibitions, all participants receive exposure. Opens: May 1,
2010. Public Jury: April 15-29, 2010. Entry fee. Prospectus:

$10,000. Four Finalists: $1,500. Best UK screenplay $2500. Best
screenplay from outside USA, UK, Canada $2500. Every writer who enters
receives written script analysis. Feature length screenplays only. All
genres. $60 entry fee. Now in its 11th year, we have built a large
community of writers passionately committed to writing original,
unforgettable work. Visit our website for screenwriting tips videos,
articles, and interviews. Submit your Screenplay:

announces a new residency for landscape/garden
designers. Academics/artists whose practice involves transforming the
land and/or working with plant materials are also encouraged to
apply. Reside among composers, writers and visual artists during 4-
and 2-week sessions from May to November. Work samples are evaluated
through a special jury. Submissions are uploaded online: $25
application fee. Residents are responsible for their transportation
to/from the area. Most of the food will be provided. The program is
otherwise offered at no charge. Landscape/garden designers will have
the opportunity, but no obligation, to create installations on the
land. International applications encouraged; a limited number of
grants to be awarded to non-U.S. citizens to help defray the cost of
travel. Details:

COMPETITION Open to all US and international artists working in 2D and
3D media. Juror: Elisabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum of
American Art, NYC. Cash prizes, Power-Point presentation, Group
exhibition July 6 - July 24, 2010. $40/3 pieces, $5 each
additional. Send SASE for prospectus: Viridian Artists Inc, 530 West
25th St, New York NY 10001 OR 212-414-4040 OR OR

April 21, 2010 CALL FOR ART OF THE NUDE SUBMISSIONS Submit for the May
and June 2010, N*des-of-the-Month calendar contests. Guest curator,
Gary T Erbe, will select 61 artworks. Entry fee also includes internet
display for all art entered: Each artist receives a personalized
virtual gallery, display of work in the Art Log (blog of entries),
plus personalized detail page showing the image with medium, size,
description and the artist's contact details. Winners awarded calendar
placement, complementary listings. Prizes. Entry fee: $1 per
artwork. For further information: Ilene Skeen, ILS Designs LLC, 372
Fifth Av Suite 7D, New York NY 10018 OR 917-806-7992 OR

April 24, 2010 THE ELEGANT MINIATURE - CALL FOR WORK All artists 18
years or older, residing in Massachusetts, are invited to submit work
for "The Elegant Miniature". Any original 2D artwork (photography,
paintings, prints etc.). Jurying will be from the Actual Work. NO
SLIDES OR JPGS. Size Restriction: No piece of work larger than 5x7
inches. There is no restriction on frame size. Drop off Dates: April
22nd - April 24th, 2010. Entry fee: Non-refundable $25 fee for up to 3
works. For complete guidelines see below. Send SASE for prospectus or
go to the web: GALLERY SEVEN, 7 Nason St, Maynard MA 01754 OR
978-897-9777 OR

1975, Paducah Photo has grown from a fledgling contest to the
Mid-South's most prestigious annual photographic event. Open to all
photographers working in digital or film photography, including color
and black & white photography, photographic book arts, and
photographic alternative processes. All work submitted must be
original, completed in the last three years and not previously
exhibited in a Paducah Photo exhibition. No size restrictions. Juror:
Michael Johnson, Professor of Photography, Murray State
University. Awards: $1,700. Exhibition dates: June 19-July 24. May 7,
2010, deadline. Entry fee. Venue, call, submit online, questions:
Michael Crouse, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah KY 42001 OR 270-442-2453 OR OR OR

International Christian Art Competition. $3,500 in Cash Awards. There
are 7 categories: 1) best two dimensional work (paintings, drawings
etc.); 2) best song; 3) best short film; 4) best sculpture; 5) best
photography; 6) best digitally enhanced photography; 7) best mixed
media. Sponsored by ART for GOD and Artbeat of America. There are
licensing agreements available as well as mentoring programs. Entry
fee. For questions please call or email, or to see previous winners:
Stephen Sawyer 859-873-0120 OR OR

can be found at:

EROTIC ART GALLERY SEEKS SUBMISSIONS Guidelines for submissions can be
found at:

End of Paid Announcements.

Ad Rates:



The following items are randomly selected from the announcements that
PAID/PREMIUM subscribers have access to each month.

Mar 19, 2010 RECORD ALBUM SEEKS ARTISTS Experimental music ensemble,
thingNY is looking for comic book artists, illustrators, designers and
other imagicians to illustrate the comic book libretto (liner notes)
of our soon to be released album, ADDDDDDDDD: an opera by thingNY. We
regret that we cannot pay volunteer artists. Selected artists will
receive a copy of the finished product, credit and two tickets to the
thingNY show of their choice. Contact:

Mar 20, 2010 SEEKING ART TEACHER Looking for an artist to teach an
all-age art workshop celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph. The workshop
will take place on March 20, 1:30-3:30pm. Will discuss fee. Contact:
Christine Milo, Gallery and Public Program Manager, Pelham Art Center,
155 Fifth Ave, Pelham NY 10801 OR 914-738-2525x113 OR OR

Mar 26, 2010 CINCINNATI FRINGE ART FESTIVAL We encourage submitting
artists to propose works that demonstrate the spirit of the Cincinnati
Fringe Festival. The Selection Committee will review all applications
and accompanying artwork based on the artist's ability to create work
that breaks from tradition in an innovative style, theme or
execution. The festival is open to all local, regional, national and
international artists who come to our city from a wide variety of
mediums and backgrounds. This year's festival will be composed of the
Performance, Visual, Film and Bar Series. Entry fee. Application and

all residents of the U.S. and its Territories. All ages (Under 16
requires parental submission). This contest is for artists working in
all visual art mediums. The theme is "Through the eyes of a child" and
is open to interpretation, so artists are free to submit artwork of
their choice. There will be one grand prize winner and several
honorable mentions. Entry fee. Signup:

Mar 31, 2010 FUKUOKA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL The festival is held in
July. All categories welcome to submit. All genres. A variety of
formats are accepted. Most popular Asian film festival in Japan. We
welcome participation by any Asian directors, directors of Asian
extraction, and directors of any nationality if they are working with
Asian themes. No entry fee. Send preview media to: Fukuoka Asian Film
Festival, Hirako building 4th floor, 2-4-31 Daimyo Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
810-0041, JAPAN OR 81-92-733-0949 OR

Apr 01, 2010 CALL FOR DIGITAL ART AND POETRY Call for digital artists:
X Culture will be producing a series of wall-projected word and
images, in downtown Silver Spring during the first ever Amnesty
International Human Rights Art Festival, from April 23-25,
2010. Contribute if you have digital images or poetry that reflects
the theme of social transformation, human rights, justice etc. Entry
fee. Send them along on a DVD or as a Quicktime file via download link
to: David Fogel, Space 88, 1111 East-West Highway Suite #2, Silver
Spring MD 20910 OR

Apr 01, 2010 ONLINE ART CONTESTS We conduct art contests each week by
posting an assignment. Artists then upload entries in response, and
members vote to determine the winner, who receives a cash prize of
$100. All ages allowed (with parental approval where
applicable). Entry fee: $5.00 US. Contact: OR

Alto's Children's Fine Art program is looking for a teaching artist or
art educator to teach after-school clay classes and to fire two
electric kilns and maintain the and maintain the Children's Clay
Studio at the Junior Museum and Zoo. The position pays $18 per hour to
fire the kilns and maintain the studio and $30 per hour plus ten
minutes preparation time per class to teach. Other classes
available. Contact: Larnie Fox, Children's Fine Art, Palo Alto Art
Center, 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto CA 94303 OR 650-329-2122 OR
650-326-6165(FAX) OR

Apr 01, 2010 CALL FOR DIGITAL ART AND POETRY Call for digital artists:
X Culture will be producing a series of wall-projected word and
images, in downtown Silver Spring during the first ever Amnesty
International Human Rights Art Festival, from April 23-25,
2010. Contribute if you have digital images or poetry that reflects
the theme of social transformation, human rights, justice etc. Entry
fee. Send them along on a DVD or as a Quicktime file via download link
to: David Fogel, Space 88, 1111 East-West Highway Suite #2, Silver
Spring MD 20910 OR

Apr 05, 2010 CALL FOR PUBLIC ART PROPOSALS Seeking proposals from
Brooklyn-based artists and collectives for artwork to be installed on
construction fences on 3 sites in downtown Brooklyn. Proposed works
should have strong visual impact and should be accessible and
appropriate for the general public. Artists are encouraged to create
installations that fit within the context of the site and create a
visual identity for the area. Applicants may apply for more than one
site and are required to complete separate applications for each
site. Three artists/collectives will be chosen, one artist/group for
each site. Chosen artists/collective will receive a $1,000 fee for
honorarium. Each site includes a supply budget not to exceed
$2,700. For more details and to apply: Brooklyn Arts Council, 55
Washington St suite 218, Brooklyn NY 11201 OR 718-625-0080 OR

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CALL FOR SCULPTURE - April 15, 2010
Soliciting on-loan (for sale) sculptures for one year outdoor exhibit,
beginning June 2010 ending May 2011. $500 honorarium. Entry fee.


Fachon Wilson
Public Arts Committee
Sheridan, Wyoming


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designers are bad ass

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something exciting - anti-gravity art

Visual Mapping Examples

Information is Beautiful Mind-Mapping, Design and Social Media

Objectified: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit

Great Art-blogging sites

This site BLEW me away!!!!!  I won't ruin the surprise - just check it out

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great design is so simple - it's beauitful - it's ZEN!

Great design is as simple as where to snip

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'll miss you guys wed - but here's where I'll be -

Don't be afraid to review the show, and of course - you can ask "WHY IS THIS ART?"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mapping Examples

Some helpful sites and other examples

From Richard Barlow's lecture



Taken DIRECTLY from the Information is beautiful site - the COOLEST record review of all time:                                   Great Visualizers: Mike Deal charts The Beatles

New York-based designer Mike Deal has a great project going visualizing The Beatles.
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal

I especially like this one. It tracks the keys of Beatles’ album tracks. You can see at a glance their poppier, more harmonic albums.
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
The project is an offshoot of an ongoing kaleidoscopic project at and on Flickr.
If it grabs you, head on over and take part. See you there!