Sunday, March 28, 2010

Product Use: Smartwool

Smartwool is an absolute essential in any life - for any age, style, or gender. There is a reason it's one of the fastest selling products at Bibelot. Employees are more than happy to sing praises of the product to customers that are questioning, but more often than not, it's not even necessary. Anyone who's worn these socks knows exactly their worth.

Smartwool socks are wool socks that keep your feet toasty cozy better than any other wool brand, but have the added benefit of breathability so your feet won't sweat or itch. They can be worn into the fall and spring, when the weather is not quite cold enough for other wool brands, but still chilly enough that the cold can be felt on extremities such as the feet. Arch support keeps them snuggly fit to your foot at all times for a secure, comfortable feel, and they can be found in a wide variety of colors, prints, and heights (from slippers and anklets to knee-highs) for men, women, and kids. Built to last longer than standard socks, Smartwool is also designed to fit the various needs people have for socks to maximize the effectiveness of their use: runners, hikers, active wear, everyday, or just laying around the house, each style is created to support the foot in exactly the way it needs to based on the activities at hand. No one wants socks that have holes worn through them before they've even gone a month. The company, of course, also makes clothing items such as shirts and long underwear, but the socks are truly the best way to go.

The downside: once you get sucked into Smartwool, there's no going back. I bought a pair last fall just to prove to my boyfriend how great they are; he hasn't worn any other socks all winter.


  1. You totally sold me on the one item i always forget to buy. Now i need some. That's the power of words, the customer review, and great design

  2. I agree, I really want to buy some of those wool socks now.

  3. So, basically everyone knows I hate feet... but I actually decided to read this (even though I hate them, I do care about my feet a wee bit). Your writing in this has completely sucked me in and I am glad it did. I think when fall happens I may just have to buy these. I have troubles with keeping my feet warm and I'm sold on this product.