Tuesday, March 30, 2010



(1001 free fonts)

I chose this font because of it’s handwritten feel to it. I do a lot of writing in my free time so I wanted to find a font that sort of represents that. I value hand written texts over anything typed because it gives a more personal feel to it. You can get the sense of someone’s personality through their handwriting. This particular font kind of reminds me of how horrible my handwriting can be at times and how I wish it could look more neat and fluid like this.


Orbitz commercials completed took over television for a long period of time and by far this particular one is definitely my favorite. I love the silly creative words they used to replaced swear words and the quite odd characters that are in the commercial.

SuperMedia uses the idea of super heroes to guarantee people who use their directory service that they’re getting the best. The good guy will stand out amongst the rest. The simple “happy” music playing in the background caught my attention at first, but I also loved the correlation between the “super” mechanic and the musician in his band uniform.


I chose my camera as my personal object because of the creativity it provides for me. I’ve been wanting a Nikon DSLR ever since I took an interest in photography and it definitely took me a while to save up for one. The wait and money was well worth it; I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of images with this camera. It’s been part way across the United States with me and back and it’s still in one piece. It’s a bit heavier than what I would like, and I’m deathly afraid of dropping it but the functionality and images I can get out of it is amazing.

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  1. It is nice to know that someone else's camera means a lot to them just like mine does