Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michael Levin

Steel Pier

By: Michael Levin

Black and white is by far my favorite aspect of photography. There’s something about the absence of color that intrigues me. I have never seen any of Michael Levin’s work before, but I happened to come across a website featuring galleries of different photographers and fell in love with his work.

What caught my attention the most was the simplicity of his photos. There’s not a ton going on, but still just enough to make you want to take another look.

His use of line and texture is very alluring and striking. As well as the placement of the subjects in his compositions; they pull you through each photo. Which is why I chose this piece titled Steel Pier. This piece is a good example of Levin’s use of line and shape and how your attention is easily drawn from the upper left and right corners, to the center of the image.

Also, in most of his photographs, the foreground or middle ground is rarely visible and tends to fade into the background, making the subject appear to be floating in space. Which can tend to give his work this realism meets surrealism feel to it.


  1. Great image! I love photography, but I never pay enough attention to specific photographers and their styles or what draws me to certain pieces more than others. Which makes it really nice to see your conclusions about what you find interesting in the form.

  2. I find this image kind of haunting and your descriptions very good.