Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Artist Book

1. Kara Walker
2. Dorothea Lange

3. Wellington Lee
4. Frederick B. Scheel
5. Wing Young Huie

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  1. Hi Chandra
    Definitely - either Kara Walker or Dorthy Lang. Your choice. Lang because of the parallels between the era these images were taken and now could make a really amazing comparative analysis. Kara Walker because she is.... well a goddess! She's gutsy, smart, her work is stunning and doesn't pull its punches. I've had students start working on her before and run away because she's so straight to the heart about the insane overabundance of racism in contemporary society by highlighting its origins to show how much of these vicious stereotypes still exist.

    Its your call. I have a huge personal bias towards Kara Walker because I think she's one of the best artists of our time and beyond.

    Lang is amazing as well.

    let me know
    take care