Saturday, April 3, 2010

Merrill Lynch gallery, Duluth

I was recently in Duluth, MN and viewed the Merrill Lynch Gallery in the Duluth Aquarium. The gallery is currently showing Tim Pearson, who is a Minnesotan himself. With the multitude of angling opportunities on the North Shore, fly fishing became an important tool for Tim to explore the main subject of his With fish and flyfishing in mind he draws from experiences on the waters of Lake Superior, the American west, and Alaska. Tim paints mainly in watercolor and ink where he blends hints of abstraction and realism to achieve a look seldom seen among wildlife art.

His showing at the Merrill Lynch Gallery was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. His use of the natural colors of what you would see in the area and the colors that the subjects would be was very intriguing to me. The gallery wasnt very large but the work that was exhibited gave you more then enough things to look at and it was in a great location, the aquarium because many of the fish and other life was the subject in many of Pearsons works.

My favorite piece by Pearson was his "At Dusk" piece. For me he seemed to have captured the feeling behind the owls eye. The curious look of being seen that I envision an owl having is what is conveyed in this multi media piece. (Pictured below)

All the pictures of work in this entry were taking by Sadie Jellum

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  1. This is really cool Sadie, thanks for sharing it!