Tuesday, April 27, 2010

walker art visit

The piece i chose at the walker is "Study for Monument of Metamorphoses" by tetsumi kudo.This piece is basically a map and an area is highlighted giving a detail or the piece. the medium looks to be marker or pen and ink. After researching this artist i learned that kudo was most active in Paris and of course japan. He was not recognized in the US until his current exhibition at the walker. Most of his work is pen and ink but he was also a very active sculpture maker exhibiting over 55 pieces throughout the world. this information helps me put this piece into context and i now understand the message behind the piece. he is highlighting his home area in japan showing how he has moved from his home country to western countries. this meaning is very clear now after my research . most of kudo's work is about metamorphases and travel. this is an interesting topic for me because i can see how some one's life would be completely taken over by their travels throughout the world. I could loose myself traveling and this is something that i have wanted to do for a long time. The idea that one could leave the whole world behind and be a rambling traveler has always been appealing to me. file:///Users/student/Desktop/images.jpeg

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