Tuesday, April 27, 2010

midway gallery visit

The show at midway was really great to see. The work was or all types of medium including pen and ink, sculpture and video. It was great to see an artist not be constricted by one medium and to show his work with a singular message. i really loved the pen and ink piece represented because of the "sketch" quality. It looks like the artist sat down with no intention of making any one thing and finished with something beautiful and frightening. The employees at the gallery where also really interesting as well. They opened me up to something that is now a big part of my life, modern african art. It is interesting to see how african artists are relating to other countries and other artists around the world. Africa is a place that is very different from our own and the views and lifestyles represented in african art are also very different and interesting. I would suggest looking at the artist coco fusco she has inspired my work as of late and taken me in a totally different direction than i was going before simply put a great artist.

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