Friday, April 9, 2010

Fonts I enjoy

I was pleased to find these two fonts while searching for one I like because they are so cutesy and wonderful to look at. I found it under the kids section on I only looked there because I was interested in what kind of fonts were designed with kids in mind. I was not disappointed with my find of very kitschy and quite adorable fonts that would send any kid squealing with joy. I know I was.
Me (to my boyfriend): "OH MY GOD! Look at that A it has a feather!!! Do you think I should start drawing feathers above my A when writing my name?"

I love the typewritten look. I love newspapers and the look of news the simplicity is inspiring not putting more than needed concious about the way it looks but more worried about the message. This font adds classical and traditional feel to anything or perhaps retro in some aspects. When I look at it I think of someone really sophisticated drinking scotch smoking a cigarette and typing away the bell clicking as the move across each line. Click. Ding. I have received typewritten notes from my peer mentor Emma Kullberg and they all ways seem so retro and cute on her funky papers along with her interesting punctuation and clever sentences. They are splendid as is this font.


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  2. Seeing fonts likes this makes me wonder what they could be used for. Would you actually write with them? Cuz it might be diffecult to read. Or would you only use them for labeling or something?