Friday, April 9, 2010

Commercial I Enjoy

T-Pain - BudLight Ad 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

I don't watch a lot of TV so my commercial knowledge is limited completely although that being said this one did make me giggle. I thought it was funny way of poking fun at T-Pain as well as getting the bud light name out there. It is an affective commercial because it uses something that people are already familiar with such as T-Pain's music which is all over the radio and now when people here T-Pain they will associate it with Bud Light. Very clever.


  1. I've wanted someone to poke fun at that vocal style FOREVER - since the first time Cher stunk up her record with it! blech

    This commercial works in it's social reflections and something I've been waiting to see mocked!

    Great choice!

  2. Also the element of humor makes these adds stick in our minds. Notice how many of our commercial selections are funny. Advertising has become a new kind of comedic entertainment.

  3. go vocorder! funny comercials hide the fact that someone is selling you something and in this case who doesnt think t pain is funny