Saturday, February 13, 2010

Comedy Comedy at the Midway

(I have my sketch, my scanner isn't working, will give to abby next class)

Walking into the gallery of Justin Schaefers 2009 installation show at the Midway Contemporary Art Gallery in Minneapolis was a very visually pleasing piece on the far back wall of an assortment of flowers and leaves behind a 48 x 48inch Plexiglas plate. Consisting of flowers of a wide range of colors including yellows, maroons, purples along with altering colors of green from the stems and leaves all attached to the wall by small nails behind a piece of Plexiglas that was attached a half inch or so away from the wall. When the piece was installed it was done with freshly cut flowers, now that time has passed since the installations opening the flowers have withered away and become more frail. The flowers being nailed right to the gallery wall let the viewer easily take in the color of the wall which was a deep rich blue color that gave the flowers great contrast.

All the pieces in Schaefers installation are untitled and no artist statement was given which leaves something to be desired. The pieces seem to take on their own life for each individual that comes across them without the preconceived titles and descriptions though, which one would have to imagine was something that Schaefer was aiming at accomplishing.

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