Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Midway Contemporary Art Gallery

Rough Sketch of
Name of Work: Untitled
Artist: Justin Thomas Schaefer
Date of Creation: 2009

After viewing all of Justin’s Thomas Schaefer’s work in his collection titled ‘Comedy Comedy’ at the Midway Contemporary Art Gallery there was one work of art that stood out the most. The piece was not given a title, which made it more appealing. The piece itself was that of a handmade doll that had extended limbs coming from the little stiff body. The figure resembled a clown; the way it was positioned against the dark blue wall on the concrete floor gave the feeling of being consumed by worthlessness. The figure had a blank face and the way the body is positioned is slouched over which gives off even more of a feeling of being uncomfortable in ones own skin. The doll was made of fabric and filled with sand. Knowing that that the doll itself was filled with sand gives it a feeling of the world we live in his hard to handle and the weight of our emotions become to heavy to carry. When emotions take over people tend to feel incomplete and sludge around. The piece overall gives a great description of feeling worthless in the world.

Seeing how this piece interacted with all of Justin Thomas Schaefer’s work gave it even more of a feeling. The whole set up gave off a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. If the figure wasn’t with the whole set it would loose most of the feeling. The atmosphere played a huge rule on how each piece felt. If the walls weren’t such a dark blue that made you feel miserable the whole tone would be different. The whole set was highly enjoyable and Justin Thomas Schaefer did a excellent job in setting up his display.

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