Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MIA Exhibit

The pieces in my exhibition are from three different Czechoslovakian photographers working in the Czech Republic. Each work of art was hand picked to represent the modernist, surrealists and contemporary figure photographers of that era.

The first stop at the exhibition is a photograph by Josef Sudek titled "Still Life ." This piece is the most significant to the exhibition because it is the work of one of the best known modernist creative photographers. It is a black and white gelatin silver print from the early 1950's of fruit and a glass of water.

The second piece in the exhibition is a photograph by Eva Fuka titled "Harmony." This piece is also a black and white gelatin silver print from the early 1950's. It is a simple photograph of a woman pushing a baby stoller down the sidewalk. The lighting in the photograph is unique in how it lights and creates a path into the lower right corner for the woman to walk down.

The last piece in the exhibition is titled, "Pohled z Mého Okna". It is another black and white gelatin silver print photographer but this time by the contemporary figure photographer Jan Saudek. This piece, created at a much later dat (1984), is a photograph of a possibly naked man sitting in a chair and gazing out a window that seems to lead nowhere; just another wall or maybe another building next door. Lighting is very limited in this photograph. What we can see is some light trying to peak through the window but not much. This really sets the tone as sort of dark and depressive. The room itself is very old and run down and empty as well.

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  1. Jan Saudek is wonderful, His images are so powerful! I love this!