Saturday, February 20, 2010


I would like to take you down a long hallway depicting the human form distorted. Going down the hall way you will be lead down other narrow hallways that open up into a small room with a singular light above each piece. The narrow
er hallways would be opposite each other and at the end of the hall way leading you to the adjacent hallways will be a big room with the final piece. I choose this set up because I want each piece to be expirienced indivually and intimately. I
thought the only way to do this was to isolate each piece from one another as well as the viewer from each.
Down the first narrow hallway you would be lead to...a piece that I could not find a picture of anywhere on the internet however should be seen.
It is called "Torso" and it's by Arthur B. Carles. He uses thick brush strokes and vivid color to depict the female torso it is beautiful as well as haunting.
The next would lead you to "Ida as The Playcard" by Jan Saudek a Chek photographer and painter. Here it shows a woman dressed as a man in joker like
make up with a J to the left of her reading as the Jack in a deck of cards however if you flip the image she is just a woman exposed with a Q to the left of her reading as a queen in the deck of cards.
Through the third hallway you would be brought to a piece titled "Study For Portrait VII" by Francis Bacon. Which is a dark painting with a masculine figure which resembles a distorted religious figure. Screaming. The pictures background is plain with little going on so that it is hard to draw your face away from the man is obvious agony.
Finally you will be lead to a room where "The Crucifixion" by Georges Rouault will be on display. The image shows jesus on the cross being crucified however not in the typical beautiful portrayal that we are so accustomed to but in a new way. He uses thick paint that looks as if it was put on using a pallet knife. The colors are dark as well as bold. The overall painting has very little detail.


  1. Dear god I love Francis Bacon so much. He's fantastic.

  2. I have never seen those pieces, I have to admit but I think now i am going to go do some research! I especially enjoy the first piece of the three