Saturday, February 13, 2010

MIA Extracted Pieces

Strength in the Horse Installation

The installation pieces have a broad relationship in being all equine sculptures. All the pieces however vary in material, size, area of origin, and time of creation but all have a common thread in showing the strength that a horse can have. Being created from different areas of the world give each sculpture a different visual composition yet this common thread ties all.

The installation would be set up in a triangular shape having one piece at each of the points because it is one of the strongest geometric shapes. The installation would consist of three hallways of a dimmer light making a triangular shape with an area at each of the points where the sculpture piece would sit under a brighter light then the hallways giving it more emphasis. Arrangement of the pieces would go as follows:

1. Untitled (Celestial Horse)

1st Century, China, Bronze

Showing the audience the strength within the horse’s stance. The horses stance showing bravery and endurance to withstand anything that crosses its pathway.

Shown first to show the brute power behind a horse even when standing still, to show the audience how powerful a horse can be without doing any of the typical activities that are paired with strength.

2. Galloping Horse

19th Century, France, Cast Bronze

The muscular structure that is shown in this sculpture is a clearly giving this horse strength in motion, pushing itself from its back legs to gain speed. This sculpture representing the power that a horses body has.

Shown second in the group of pieces to help the audience equate the power behind the first piece of the horse standing still and the power that it is generating against this piece where the horse is thrusting itself forward showing great power and strength.

3. Horse Jumping Through Hoop

1865, North America, Copper, Zinc, Gilt

This sculpture was placed last to represent the devoted strength of a horse to the task that is set in front of it. The ability of this horse to aim its body through the hoop that surrounds it shows great strength and muscle skill.

Shown last this piece is meant to bring all the pieces to an end and close out the installation comparing it to the first two pieces in that this piece is showing its strength by jumping through the hoop and showing great skill in managing its muscles and strength.

The pieces round each other out by showing the strength of the horse in three different poses and actions and showing how they all would react to one another if places in one installation show.

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  1. Your show really has a strongly unified theme that really lets the viewer track your message through the exhibit. And I really enjoy that definitive commitment and precision to expressing that theme.