Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slant/Light Volume: Robert Irwin

"From a phenomenological viewpoint, to make the observers necessary to complete the quality quotient of Art is probably the most human, the most emotional, most sensory thing to do."

At the walker I ran across this piece entitled "Slant/Light Volume" when walking in there was a rack holding mats and a sign that read "please return mats when you are finished". I looked all around read the blurb about the piece even read the vinly that had stuck to the wall about the artist. I didn't know what the mats where uses for but I walked into the next room any how and I still didn't get it. I still don't. However I did learn a little bit about Robert Irwin and am taking steps into trying to understand this peculiar instillation.
Robert Irwin began as a studio artist to become a instillation artist where he focused on altering the experience of the room and believe that his work was not fully done until someone was experiencing it. He focused on using light and space and your own visual perception- that is key (how I am still really not sure). He wanted to orchestrate how you perceive things. He coined three terms that define the relation of his work to it's setting: site-adjusted, site-determined, site-dominant.

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  1. I broke the rules and stepped over the line. I was on a mission to destroy the slanted wall, clearly.