Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Upon the visit at the Minneapolis Institute there were many different works and themes a person could choose from. One theme that stuck out the most was how bright vibrant colors can change the mood of a piece of work. There were three pieces that stuck out the most. If all three were put together in a gallery they would really give a different perspective into the world of color.

Panda by Takashi Murakami

The first piece that one would see when entering the gallery is Takashi Murakami’s piece called Panda. It would be front in center in a long hallway that twist and turns. It would make the viewer feel uncomfortable and out of place. The way the colors pop against each other makes one want to look away. Also it gives a sense of excitement that you the visitor should be ecstatic that you entered the gallery.

Andy Warhol's Portraits of the Locksley Shea Gallery

The second piece would be Andy Warhol’s piece Portraits of the Locksley Shea Gallery. The piece itself would be installed to float down from the ceiling. The way the soft pastel colors are used gives the visitor a feeling of being calm. The bright colors makes one feel relaxed and not feel so hectic as the first piece did. It will make you want to keep going town the twist and turns of the gallery to see what is next.

Kehinde Wiley's Santos Dumont-The Father of Aviation II

The final piece that would be placed in the gallery would be Kehinde Wiley’s painting titled Santos Dumont - The Father of Aviation II. It would be placed at the end of the path against a white wall that is in the form of a rectangle. The way the colors are used in this piece brings a feeling of sadness. The two figures in the painting are contrasting with the bright blue sky in the background. Yet at the same time the figures give the viewer a sense of peace with the smooth pastel colors they are wearing.


  1. Very interesting that you and Sonja picked one of the same pieces but in the way that you both have described them gives them a very different feeling.

  2. The colors in all of your pieces are very powerful! and <3 for the Andy Warhol!