Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Midway Post

Comedy Comedy (front office pieces)
By Justin Thomas Schaefer in 2009
These pieces involved a chrome clothing rack, chrome hangers, black t-shirts, a light bulb, chrome toilet paper holders, and black toilet paper.
The upside-down clothing rack and t-shirts reminds me of a cheap and trashy chandelier. Are these ordinary things trying to be something they're not; something fancy? Are they trying to be pretty when they are just wrong for the part?
The toilet paper rolls were mounted high on the wall, and the racks were hung upside-down from the ceiling with light shining down on the floor.
The artist had attempted to use different kinds of shirts before ending up with the black ones. Firts he tried many different kinds, then tried bleaching them. Neither of those options worked out for him.
The toilet paper rolls high on the ceiling seemed very allusive and self important. they loomed over the room from a place toilet paper would never be in real life. The upside down rack had a very dark and depressing feeling. There was light trying to shine through, but the t-shirts blocked and distorted the rays of light. It tuned them into sharp and scary shapes. A chandelier that destroys its own light.

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  1. This could be a little longer, more descriptive, and less on the opinion part. You've got the exterior information down - and that part is making me want to see the show. So that part is on, but we need a little more information here about what the work is like. Good start. You could go back in and add another paragraph, and take out the opinion bit by changing these into questions. That would work as well.
    Good luck