Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nicholas Di Genova

I was looking through High Frutose art magazine and the work of Nicholas Di Genova caught my eye. I am pulled to his artwork because it is similar to the style of drawings I do. He has a wide variety of highbred drawings that are executed as if they are observational drawings. plainly said he's he's a taxiderrmist of drawing. I like the way he stretches bountries and combines animals and mechanics which normally wouldn't be viewed in a typical fashion. I like how he takes an identifiable creature and puts a twist on it, by surgically grafting objects together. He has alot of focus on simple parts of the creature that make it look like the drawing was constructed. I think the artist visually illustrates power in the piece I posted. What's more powerful then something such as a gun, that can kill you? Nicholas took the power of this object and combined it with and animal.


  1. Love the idea of highbred drawings between observational. It has a strange cohesion that is both odd and intriguing. Or maybe intriguing because of the oddity?

  2. I like the blend between the mechanics of the gun and the green space and organic figure that would be an animal.