Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jasper Johns found at your local supermarket

Jasper Johns
Mixed Media, Multiples, Other embossed lead, oil paint, paper

Without even entering the Walker exhibits itself I was struck by something placed behind a frame at the far end of the lobby. There it was a piece of white bread behind a glass frame hung on a wall. It began to make my blood boil and think ‘why the hell am I going to art school?, If this is what makes millions of dollars. Hell any bread section of your local grocery store could be considered ‘art’ now. I began to wonder who created this so-called piece of art and the culprit is a man named Jasper Johns. Who is this so called Jasper Johns? I began my research as soon as I came home from the Walker Art Center. He was born in Georgia but spent most of his life with his grandparents in South Carolina. He attended two different colleges one being Parsons School of Design. But what made this man so worthy to be Artist of the year 1989? I began to look at John’s other works and I found them much more interesting then the one titled ‘Bread’. His paintings were beautiful and full of a physical movement to me. Jasper Johns likes to poke fun at American Culture and for that I applaud him. I now can appreciate his work, though the piece ‘Bread’ at the Walker isn’t my favorite he has done. I can at least appreciated the man who designed it.


  1. Oh white bread America and your suburbs!

  2. i walked into the walker and this just baffled me!

  3. Seeing this piece made me look at bread completely different now.

  4. I just had to comment this again. I was talking to my friend about how much I love pissing people off with art and music and this piece was brought up. I still think this piece is absolutely genius. I think pissing people off and making them pull their hair out over one simple thing and having them want to scream, "THIS ISN'T ART! THIS IS CRAP!" is just awesome (especially if there can be meaning about it). I think that's what art should be. Pushing the envelope, pissing people off and making them ask why it's art.
    Plus if you think about it, pieces that tend to make people's blood boil will make them talk and that's some great free publicity.

  5. I love Jasper John's, I think that him doing this is really bold as well as humorous.